Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Little box....

I was so excited to be re united with this little box on Monday.....

I saw it a few months ago at an Antiques Fair where I hummed and hahhed....

Should I....shouldn't I ?

 Do I really need it?

Then I walked away....

Since then I have often thought about it and wished I had just bloomin' well bought it!
Not like me to be so indecisive....

But fate lent a hand at Gateshead Stadium Antique Fair on Monday, when  I asked the dealer if he still had it  and to my surprise he said YES!

Money exchanged hands swiftly and I am now the proud owner of.....

A Victorian kingfisher......a little raggy but I love him and his simple wooden box.

I know they are a bit of a "marmite" issue, but if Homes and Antiques are happy to run with them in their calender, then surely I am in good company......

Hope you all have an enjoyable week.
Julie x

A big hello to all my new followers and thank you to those who leave such kind comments.....they are very much appreciated!


  1. Hi Julie, how totally gorgeous. So glad you were able to take him home, Tam x

  2. He is gorgeous Julie. I am with you on this one as I am rather partial to a bit of taxidermy, and I will admit to having a Leopard skin rug, getting on for a 100 years old I might add! I also have a Tortoise ashtray (although I don't smoke)and also a live one wandering round the house. Have a great day.
    Jo xx

  3. Very lovely! You can be proud about this find - a beautiful bird in a wonderful box!
    Greetings from the Périgord,

  4. Hi Julie, I think he's rather lovely.....I bid on a canary at auction the other day, but the bids went too high, very sad about that! I can tell you. Obviously meant to be yours xx

  5. I like your slow reveal....! Obviously destined for you - that's great - I've missed buying things, but rarely seen them again like that. Well done. I like the simple box. Abby x

  6. Lady luck was certainly smiling on you! Oh, how many times have I been in doubt and left that little item behind always to kick myself. So pleased that your little bird is 'home to roost' and it's in the perfect place too :o)
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  7. Well I like them and think their facinating :) .. it looks wonderful with the shutters x

  8. While I wouldn't want anyone to do this today, I do love these old ones!

  9. I love your kingfisher!!!! I would have bought him as well, he is wonderful!! Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  10. Congratulations - it really was meant to be! Like Abby, I like your slow reveal... :-) Gorgeous wooden box!


  11. What a beautiful little thing to have finally become the owner of. I always think in these situations that you were meant to have it! You will enjoy it all the more because of the wait....

  12. I thought you had bought a candle box when I saw the first picture, I was not expecting this little chap! I think he will look wonderful in your hallway, where all the light will show off his lovely coloured feathers.
    Abby x

  13. I can see how you loved this little gem. It looks quite rare which is all the lovelier.
    Love your blog and I am enjoying reading you earlier posts
    Helen Tilston

  14. How lovely that you got a second chance to buy the little Kingfisher, I love the box that he's in. Thankyou for your kind comments Julie, yes I am lucky that things have advanced in keyhole surgery. I don't think I could bear being stuck in hospital when the weather is so wonderful. Have a great weekend Julie, love Linda x