Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I'm back.....

Two large Vide-Greniers and a Brocante to wander through at the weekend in Paris.

Little cupboards I could have bought.....

Interesting kitchen stuff.....

And banana boxes full of old linen, monogrammed sheets, napkins, pillowcases....

This old mannequin caught my eye propped up behind a junky stall.....a little battered but quite quirky with its strange limb arrangement.

Only to discover after a conversation with the stall holder that it was not for sale at all..... it had been discarded with the rubbish and was free to a good home..... AAAGH!

No way could I have got it home on Easyjet ( hand luggage only) and pleading with my daughter to take it home to her apartment fell on extremely deaf ears.

"You've got to be joking! I'm not carrying that thing back on the Metro"

 Enough said....

So there it had to stay.

A quick whizz round a food market with their lovely fruit and veg displays  (to take my mind off the mannequin)

Even the seafood was fresh....

Flowers purchased for daughter's apartment, ( still thinking that the mannequin would have been far more dramatic... )

Then on for a spot of culture at the Grand Palais for the Monumenta exhibition.....

Anish Kapoor's huge structure filled the vast Nave....

The scale of the thing was enormous....

And stepping inside the structure was a strange, yet contemplative experience....

Quite surreal and eerily silent....no one talked as they gazed up and took photographs in the dark.

Back outside and lots of walking ensued, over the bridge towards Invalides.....

Padlocks on the statues.....

And padlocks on this bridge, are a symbol of a couples attachment to each other...having been "joined together as one" ....apparently.

I presume if it doesn't work out you have to go back with the key and unlock it?

Long way from Taiwan though....

A bit of street art on the way to the Marais ......clever.

To visit a shop that I have heard lots about, yet never visited....MERCI

We were not at all disappointed and the refreshments were superb....

Pistachio cake washed down with citronnade....lime, lemon and ginger with fresh mint.


 Finally in case you were wondering why I was in Paris, it was to attend a farewell party for long standing friends at the British Embassy,

Pimms and Champagne on the Terrace...followed by evening supper in a gorgeous apartment on Boulevard Hausemann.....

Meeting up with old friends I haven't seen for over 30 years....wonderful.

 Thank you Mark and  Jill  for inviting us all to be part of your special day....not even the heavy cloudburst at one stage could spoil the occasion.

Best wishes for your new adventure....

Julie x


  1. Great pictures Julie... looks like you had a wonderful time.
    I would have brought that mannequin back as an extra passenger on easyjet!
    Abby x

  2. Oooh! Lovely :o) What a fabulous time you've had Julie!
    I think I'd have splurged on a cab to get the mannequin back to dear daughters though! LOL
    Best wishes

  3. Julie

    Thank you for the beautiful journey. What beautiful memories you will have to draw on.
    The food stalls are works of art.
    Welcome home

  4. Welcome home too. What a fabulous time you have had and I loved that your pictures shared it all with us.. it really looks amazing
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  5. Julie, glad you had a great time! It was lovely to see you out here again. We'll try and make it to the bostle next month! Jill

  6. Sounds like you had a fantastic time, love the skeleton how cool is that? I also love the idea of the "locks" utterly romantic, Lucey x

  7. Looks amazing! Iv never even been ,so very envious!!

  8. What a fantastic weekend, so pleased you had a wonderful time. Shall we drive back for that poor little mannequin in my van?? Can't believe he was being thrown out! The pistachio cake looked yummy.
    Jo xx

  9. Oh that sounds like a wonderful weekend. I feel for you about the mannequin, I hope to go flea market shopping in Paris one day and I know that will be happening to me, I intend to take a very empty case :).. hopefully you will show us what you did buy x

  10. Your post made me so very envious - it just sounds like my idea of the most, perfect, heavenly trip (apart from having to leave that gorgeous mannequin behind!). M x

  11. Hello Julie

    It must have been wonderful to catch-up with old friends - and in such a special setting.

    Shame about the mannequin: I always get sleepless nights over the ones that get away.


  12. What a lovely trip & I'm with you on the mannequin...argggH!

  13. Hi Julie
    what a wonderful time you have had..thanx for sharing your pics and can I ask..How many times have you thought of the mannequin since you got home ??? LOL..X

  14. A girl after my own heart. I am still mourning a manni I left in Provence about 8 years ago, Edwardian mushroom velvet on a lovely carved wood base....I would have had to buy an extra seat for it.

  15. Welcome home Julie, looks like you had a great time. Damn shame about the mannequin! The photo of the artichokes and radishes is so beautiful. Lovely posh party, hope you got a new frock? Love Linda x

  16. First time stopping by and am I glad to see your great photos of your trip. I see so many treasures that I would love dearly and would fit just perfect in my little cottage. Thank you for sharing. Kathy

  17. What a wonderful post...I did enjoy it so much, although rather traumatised by the thrown out mannequin.