Saturday, 25 June 2011

Purchases from Paris....

Fleamarket finds from Paris had to be compressed into my hand luggage, but I managed.... with a tin 2CV,

A wooden butter mould, a small box and a large drawstring bag made from floppy linen.

Some embroidery for alphabets for samplers, the other with designs for monograms which include 10 pages of transfers.....all different styles,

Examples of cross stitch designs......




And some "real life" monograms from old sheets that I will make into cushions....

Naturally, I also managed to find room for the macaroon essentials.....

Hope you all have a good weekend....I am at New College, Durham on Sunday with some new things,

Silver plate, glass, pretty bits of jewellery...

Decided it is going to be a sparkly, girly theme for a bit of boys stuff  too....

Off to pack,
See you soon,

Julie x


  1. Love the monogrammed sheets Julie, they are gorgeous and will look fantastic made into cushions. I still think we need to drive back and save that little mannequin :0) Good luck for the fair, hope you do well.
    Jo xx

  2. I knew you'd bring some treasures back with you, love the booklets never seen those before. I need to go to France...NOW, Lucey x

  3. I always love the collar boxes with "STUD" written across them...such a compliment to pay a man!!

    A lovely haul of fleamarket items, and good that you could fit them into your handluggage- last time we went to USA, I came back with 1930s chicken feeders and floursack quilts and had to "wear" the quilts as hand luggage (apologies if I've told you this before, memory on a slippery slope)

    Have a good weekend and a good fair

  4. Hello Julie

    The butter mould, the crown designs and the macaroons: I'll take them all please. Though, I expect the macaroons are no longer!


  5. Hi Julie, the little car is the sweetest. Glad you found so many fab treasures that would fit in your suitcase, pity the mannequin was too large. I would have swam back with it, haha, Tam x

  6. Some really lovely and interesting items Julie, love the sheets, are they very expensive in France? I hope to go flea market shopping at Porte de Clignancourt, in Paris next year, do you have any tips? I'll be going on the Eurostar :) x

  7. Fabulous finds Julie, and I love your girly things for Sunday too. Hope you have a great fair.
    Abby x

  8. Hello Julie

    You scored some winning items. Best of luck this weekend at the fair.

  9. LOVING the butter mould and the embroidery booklets........ my kind of finds......

  10. Hello Julie,
    Such brilliant finds! I found a few things on my rather damp trip to Paris, I wonder if we were rummaging around at the same places? Hope your fair goes well, you look to have some lovely pieces. Jane x

  11. The only thing I can say: Brilliant finds!
    I adore the little car!
    Greetings from the Périgord,

  12. The little car and the linen are definately my favourites.

    Pam x

  13. Oh Julie how will you part with such gorgeous things. I love the 2CV and the embroidery books and monograms, no I take that back, I love everything!Hope you had a successful weekend? Love Linda x

  14. Great finds! Those items are the kinds of things I hope to find on my first trip to Paris. Being an estate sale/flea market junkie, the "fleas" will be at the top of my list.