Thursday, 9 June 2011

Fairs and fiddling.....

Some new pieces for next week.....

A glass stoppered bottle, a white ceramic cherub dish,  "The Star infant feeding bottle".....

And a really grumpy pug!

Love those teeth....

A few flowers from the garden popped into a glass vase, then elevated in the top of an enamel jug makes for easy scent inhalation....the honeysuckle is prolific this year.

Another old jug with a beautiful hand painted floral display....

SOLD...Thanks Abby!

And a smart, gilt and silk French brooch with metal thread tassels and initial S.

SOLD Thank you Louise!

 With two Fairs almost back to back, starting with  Alnwick on Sunday 12th June 2011 and Hexham on Tuesday 14th June 2011, things are a little busy around here.

Yet, I still made time last night to do a bit of fiddling....

Do you remember the little blue shoes?

I have now found them a happy home under a glass dome on the grey cupboard.....

Not content with that, I put a couple of  bunches of glass grapes in a jar and old tin nozzle things in another.

Then getting carried away..... I put a little chair under another glass dome on the little hall table.....

 And all this productivity in between cooking Supper too......multitasking at its best!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Julie x


  1. Hello Julie:
    Multitasking indeed! And, in so doing, you have given us all such good ideas for 'a little bit of fiddling'.

    We do so like the pug on his plinth of a book end, and yes, of course, put a smaller container to fit inside a larger one for flowers, and introduce a colour theme to bring together a miscellany of objects. Thank you. There will be no stopping us now!

    Now, where are our spare glass domes?!!

    You too have a lovely, if not busy, weekend.

  2. Boy, that little pug sure does look grumpy doesn't he.

    The shoes look so great displayed under glass, did you put the little paper inside?

    Your displays are fabulous, especially the little chair.

    Hope all is well, Tam x

  3. All very lovely, but the jug, well....
    it has my name written all over it!
    Have a great weekend. Abby xx

  4. Oh I did enjoy your arranging of things..very nice. Love the little cherub and Abby's lovely jug. Let's hope you sell out this weekend! All the best,Linda x

  5. Love the underglass look but my fav has to be the white po filled with pot eggs..X

  6. Some lovely things, Julie - that pug's a real character - I'm surprised Jo hasn't snapped him up yet! Love the 'things under glass' theme - I expect Mr Cloth Shed has kept himself moving - seems like if it sits there, you'll pop a glass dome over it!! Hope you have a successful weekend, Abby XX

  7. Darling, you are such a super star!!
    Love Helen xx

  8. Beautiful items and so artfully displayed.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  9. Such a cheerful inspiration! I have promised myself a day of 'rootling and sorting' and now I feel raring to go! Have a happy weekend, Jane

  10. Inspiration comes at the oddest times :) ..those little shoes look perfect displayed in the dome x

  11. Hello Julie

    What a lovely new home for those little blue shoes and how good to have given that story a happy ending.


  12. Fiddling has to be one of my favourite pastimes! It all looks lovely especially those dear little shoes and the grumpy pug x

  13. I love it when you "fiddle" everything looks so lovely , Lucey x

  14. I have some of Tom's baby shoes and his first pair of patent red DM's that I am now going to display under domes and in jars, I just have to find them! Thanks for the inspiration.
    T x

  15. I just love the pug!!

  16. Thanks for the visit Julie. I can't beleive it, I would love to see that article in CH&I. I don't think I will have seen that issue, as I think I would have remembered it. I will have to try and get a back issue. Our home was also featured in the January issue of this year. Small world isn't it? Love Linda x