Thursday, 16 September 2010

Autumnal stock.......

Some new bits and pieces for my forthcoming Fair on Sunday in Cumbria......

I am trying to keep things light and airy, but the dark colours are starting to creep in........bits of pewter, tapestry, strong coloured paintings......

I suppose it's that time of year.......and I really can't help it....
Before I know where I am I will be making cushions again from Harris Tweed fabric and mixing everything with old woollen blankets.....

Actually that sounds quite nice.....

Have a snuggly weekend,

Julie x


  1. I think it's going to be a snuggly sort of weekend .... lovely new stock Julie and good luck at the Fair x

  2. Have a great fair, Julie.

    I LOVE snuggly weekends. At this time of year, it's the only thing witht the impendingcolder weather creeping in. Just snuggle on down. :-)

  3. No time to snuggle . . . . . . . . .as Christmas stock keeps on arriving!! I am drowning in it at the moment!!! HELP . . . . love Helen xx

  4. You've got some lovely stock there, Julie. That's a very fibe white jug - I've got a thing about jugs!
    Have a good time at the fair!
    Love Kathy xxx

  5. What a beautiful precious things.
    Congratulations on your beautiful
    blog, I love it!
    Thanks for your comment, coming from
    Englishwoman am very pleased!
    I love England!
    A hug and thanks

  6. We have just lit the log burning stove for the first time this autumn - it is just so lovely to snuggle up on the big squashy sofa as the days get colder!!

  7. beautiful blog and all your lovely vintage treats ;0) im now a follower! x kazzy x