Wednesday, 22 September 2010

kitchen blues......

This small kitchen dresser base with battered enamel top would be a quirky addition to a retro style kitchen......small enough for me to take to a Fair without filling the car completely.....

I think I will leave the blue paint and just tidy up the handles with wire wool and polish and clean the enamel top.

As I was doing my "David Bailey" photo shoot outside, it started to rain..... surprise, surprise.... so the rest of today's blue goodies had to go inside to be photographed......

I know..... more curtains and cushions......

That is why I am called The Cloth Shed......or as my lovely brother says....The Clot Head.....because I am obsessed with fabric and he can't understand why!
Julie x


  1. Oh blues ..... my favourite Julie .... I saw a similar old cupboard in a local antique centre yesterday with a £125 price tag on it! Don't know about clot head but I get called cloth ears at times (selective hearing dontcha know)

  2. Aren't brothers sweet?!! I have six of them so I am FULL of sympathy. I did end up marrying one of my brothers' best friends so all's well that ends well!!

  3. I lurve that cupboard, I have something similar that I am saving for my seaside house (when we can get there). I also am obsessed with textiles, MEN, what do they know?!
    Tracey x

  4. I completely understand your obsession with fabric. Have a wonderful day. x

  5. Love the blue and white jug, I have a weakness for blue and white. I can understand the obsession with fabric I too suffer from that addiction. Love your comment on my Blog about Mr. G!! Have a great weekend.
    Jo xx

  6. Hi Julie
    I have just been speaking to Hazel who did the feature on your home. Which month were you in so that I can look at it, I have copies of C H & I going back yrs.
    Thanks, Ruth

  7. I thought being obsessed with fabric was completely normal!! My husband knew as soon as we went into the shop in Peebles (Tuesday's post) that I would by that fabric ...... he doesn't even ask any moe what I'm going to do with it! (but then he has started to feed his wood addiction!)

  8. Is that a big jug? A big jug from a jug and bowl set ???

  9. I agree entirely, I too am totally obsessed by vintage & antique fabric, I must also be a Clot-head! I adore all the colour, texture and pattern in this post, a real feast for the eyes & senses. Lois x

  10. Hi Julie, so lovely too meet you in person today, and I felt like i had know you for ages and could have chatted on and on!!! your stall as i said was the the lovliest at the event, I will try to come on the 10th to Durham , and come early to get the pick of your lovely things!! Had too be rather restraint as i have put an eye watering bid on a dog on wheels on Ebay..couldnt say much as David was about!!!! I have been ramsacking the house looking for the copy of country homes and interiors feb issue to see your feature ,found jan found march.. i will keep looking! again glad to make met you! Linda x x

  11. Love all your blue and white, the little dresser is sweet too, a pretty shade of blue - very vintage chic.
    I love fabrics too as you know and when I see a dealer friend at the vide greniers he always asks if I've managed to buy any 'rags' today.
    Take care.