Friday, 3 September 2010

Nicholas Mosse....

 This tall, skinny cabinet which used to hold books a long time ago in its previous life, came from that fabulous emporium in Corbridge, Northumberland.....RE 
Having measured it and assuring everyone it would fit in the hall, I am proud to say it slid into place with a 3 inch gap between the top and the ceiling!
 It still has the little sliding vents to allow the circulation of air....this would have stopped the books from going mouldy when the doors were shut......

  The top cupboard  is home to my collection of Nicholas Mosse Pottery......
 Bought bit by bit over many years...... other pieces given as presents......

Quite a few cups and jugs are damaged from over zealous dishwasher activity.....especially the earlier pieces.

I think it was a softer clay body and therefore more prone to damage.

Each piece is hand thrown and sponged with quirky flowers and transfers here.

The bottom cupboard is the "junk" cupboard......sorry, no photo allowed....too messy.

It houses all the little bits and pieces I just might need for future projects..... buttons, lace, ribbons, broken beads, old photos, scraps of precious fabrics..... the list is endless.

Do we all have places like this or is it just me?

Have a nice weekend,
Julie x

Julie x


  1. What an amazing collection and I just love that gorgeous cupboard!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. It's LOVELY! I saw the photo on your sidebar of your cupboard and admired it so I'm glad you posted on it. The cupboard looks so great in the hall.

    We've got a bureau where I keep my crafty bits. And a few other places too, if I'm honest. I try to stop myself spreading too much....but crafty bits seem to have a life of their own, don't they!

  3. The cupboard is super and your collection of china is very pretty. When we had an extension built a few years ago I had some capacious cupboards built in purposely to be my 'rammel' cupboards. They're full of old but too good to chuck bags, gift wrap, art materials etc etc. Everyone needs at least one rammel cupboard. :O)

  4. Lovely pottery & what a useful cupboard....I think we all have a few junk cupboards!


  5. Julie I have numerous cupboards full to overflowing - we promised ourselves when downstairs was finished we would keep it de-cluttered HA!! no chance, all my things are slowly creeping back. I do love that pottery, it is so pretty, and the cupboard is a real quirky piece.
    Jo xx

  6. That is a lovely cupboard. We definitely have junk cupboards - except one man's junk is another woman's treasure and vice-versa. (speaking as someone wh's just rescued a pile of cellophane bags which someone had brought out of my sewing room to put in the bin...)

  7. Fabulous - both the cupboard and the contents!!

  8. I think the junk cupboard thing . . . . . must just be you . . . I don't have anything like that in my house!!
    Love Helen xx

  9. Serious envy here, just love the cupboard and it's contents!

  10. Hi there Julie what a lovely cupboard you have there and then the lovely surprise in rhe top cupboard - yummy. I think on behalf of all of your followers I would like to request a photo of the bottom cupboard - we can take it in all its splendour in fact knowing a lot of the bloogs that people write from we are all hoarders, sewers, crafters and the owners of such a cupboard or a couple of drawers!