Friday, 10 September 2010

The Cinnamon Shack....

Can I introduce you all to The Cinnamon Shack

The lovely and very talented Maria has been making American Folk Art inspired dolls, animals, wooden things, metal things, paintings etc for well over the 10 years that I have known her.
She lives in a beautiful stone farmhouse, in an equally beautiful part of Northumberland,,,, amongst the trees, with spectacular views over Catcleugh Reservoir.....

I have picked a few things from her new website that I would quite happily have on my shelves at home.....

Baby Billy Bear with his quilt nappy and rusty pin....

Tiny, Tubby Bunny...made from scented and grubbied flannel.....

Primitive Deer made from aged flannel with hand painted faces and real twig antlers.....

Stars and Stripes Samuel Bear......

Noah's Ark on wheels.....and....finally...

A Vintage style pull along bear.....

Her attention to detail and  final finish are brilliant, everything is made by her own fair hands.......and as she says..."no men involved"
If you can get to her Christmas Open House on the 6th and 7th November, I'm sure you will not come away empty handed.
If you can't.....well you can always buy her handmade creations on her website!

Julie x


  1. Thanks for this - we regularly pass the reservoir travelling between Hawick and Morpeth (when we go to visit my SIL) I will have to put her open house in my diary - I'm off now to look at her website!

  2. Hi Julie, what a very talented friend you have, she makes such beautiful things. It's just a shame I live so far away, I'll have to take a look at her website. Thanks for sharing this.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Yes I have known of Maria for years her stuff is just stunning isn't it?
    Have a good day on Sunday . . . love Helen xx

  4. How gorgeous I would love to vist, bet it smells great too xx
    Have a lovely weekend yourself
    Hugs Lynn xxx