Thursday, 30 September 2010

Peasant cushion......

This is one of my favourite was originally just an embroidered panel on linen, bought years ago at an Antique Fair in Cumbria. For months it sat in a drawer, until one day I decided to do something with it and backed it with a piece old French linen....... filled with a down feather pillow.

I love the Peasant lady with her wonky checked skirt, rolled up umbrella and basket of eggs ......

and the Peasant man....with his lunch in a cloth looking like Dick Whittington. His face and shirt are quite faint....perhaps he has lost his stitching or maybe it was never completed?

It sits on my Hungarian bench and I have always thought it had an "Eastern European" look about it.

If any of you vintage textile loving ladies have an idea as to where it may have come from..... I would love to hear your thoughts.......

Julie x


  1. That is lovely, it doesn't look English somehow does it? Lizzie

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I love vintage textiles but couldn't say where this one comes from. Presuming it's hand stitched. A lot of embroidery of this type came out of Switzerland/Austria at one time. It was sold in the UK but also brought back from holiday excursions. The cushion was a great idea.

  3. Julie that cushion is absolutely gorgeous. I am no expert on these matters but I do agree with you that it looks Eastern European - they look like Romanian Gypsies - and I am loving the bench it sits on.
    Jo xx

  4. Sorry, can't help you with any information about the embroidery - but it is lovely!!

  5. Hi Julie
    So glad you found my blog and stopped by for a while..It is lovely to find another child of the 60's LOL with similar taste in vintage and antique treasures.. worn chippy paint furniture,quilts and baskets are amongst my most favourite..And we are lucky to live in a place of such natural beauty..Yes we are trully blessed..X