Monday, 13 September 2010


I went with a friend a few weeks ago  to Wheelbirks Farm...... and what a lovely surprise.

Set in the beautiful Northumberland countryside, Wheelbirks Farm is  home to an Ice Cream Parlour with a difference. Retro....vintage...funky....and definitely trendy!

 Run by the gorgeous Lucinda  and the equally gorgeous Hugh and Tom.....

The Richardson family  have farmed for generations to establish the oldest Pedigree Jersey herd in Northumberland.  The delicious ice cream is made from the rich milk of their pretty Jersey cows, who obliging line the fields on the road up to the Farm.

You can read all about them here

 So, eventually settling for a latte, a mocha and two substantial fruit scones fresh from the oven with jam and cream...... delicious....we sat at an old pine table with views over the apple orchard, soaking up the atmosphere.
Geared up for parents/grandparents with children, it is a delightful space for the little ones to stretch their legs, climb on the old tractor and generally let off steam......

 Of course, I couldn't resist a little purchase from the Farm shop on the way out.....along with some Jersey raw milk and cream......

A cute, handmade strawberry.........


 Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get this sofa out of the door without them noticing.....I  must try harder next time....

Julie x


  1. I've just popped this into my favourites - somewhere else for us to visit - it looks fabulous!!

  2. That sofa is scrumptious, I'll happily help you nab it next time!
    Tamzin X

  3. Hi, love that sofa very much! can I ask you when are you doing another fair in Durham , because I am determined to get to the next one! Linda x x

  4. Oh Julie . . . . . take me next time . . . I'll get one end of the sofa and you get the other . . . . . we'll get it out!! Love Helen xx

  5. What a lovely place, the sofa is quite stunning in that setting.

  6. What a gorgeous place, and yes, I love that sofa!!
    Jo xx

  7. Julie - me again must get off the sofa and do something useful - well I might play with some fabric!! I cannot believe we didnt spot the ice cream parlour we were driving all over the area, but remained about 4 miles from Stocksfield. Ow that is the sound of me kicking myself!!

  8. Doesn't that cow have a beautiful face? Love that sofa too, it would look great in my kitchen!