Monday, 27 September 2010

Seeing red....

Some more Cloth Shed stock to include lengths of unused Sanderson fabric.... lovely hunting print linen, bullion fringing, lampshades, cranberry glass, and floral jugs......

Trying to keep it all nice and cosy, with splashes of red to warm the cold days ahead.

Of course, it's drizzly, damp and miserable outside this morning and I have these old wool blankets sitting in the kitchen, waiting to be washed and dried on the line.....why does it rain when you have a backlog of washing?

However, I think I can manage these fair isle wool gloves with grubby finger tips though,

 Shouldn't be too much of a problem.....

Have a good week,
Julie x


  1. It does all look very cosy - I love both of the fabrics!


  2. My Mum has that Sanderson fabric as a blind in her kitchen.It's Rose and Peony, isn't it? I love it! xx

  3. Lovely fabrics Julie, and in such gorgeous rich colours - I love how you have put all those warm colours together. I seem to be getting the urge to change quilts and use darker warmer colours. I too have a massive back log of washing so I know what you mean!!
    Jo xx

  4. Lovely fabrics. I know what you mean about the washing - I did 3 loads on Sunday ready to hang out yesterday - and it rained!