Monday, 7 March 2011

Fun at the Fair....

This is where I was yesterday.......New College Durham.
A great venue for a Vintage and Retro Fair in the North East of England.

Dealers from Scotland, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire and locally, gathered together to provide a colouful display for the public.

Set in the East, West and Link Malls of the College, the Fair provides space for 120 stands of vintage goodies....

The view from the balcony.....

Through the trees.....

By the end of the day there was not much left on the gorgeous Helen's table

 And most of my curtains, cushions and fabric disappeared too...

But most importantly I managed to buy some nice new things .....some to keep and some to recycle.

So keep tuned for next installment, back soon.....
Julie x


  1. Wow! looks really busy, glad you had a good day, can't wait for next installment x

  2. Looks like a fantastic fair, and lots of goodies to buy. That is a rather lovely patchwork cushion I can see in the last photo. Glad you had a great day.
    Jo xx

  3. Oh...lots of vintage loveliness!
    Susan x

  4. It must of been a great day . How I miss a good rummage. Ciao Alison

  5. Ooooooooooh thanks for the mention, your soooooh GORGEOUS xx I will mention you back on Friday, Love Helen xx

  6. Looks great, I wish I'd known it was on I'd have had a mooch!

  7. Woooah that looks like a huge fair- wish I could have come along! Glad it went well for you and look forward to seeing your purchases! xx

  8. I can almost hear the buzz. Glad you had a good day. Linda

  9. Oh - lots of lovely things - looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday!

  10. Found your blog today and wanted to say hi! We love the same things, just bought a crown planter from TX Maxx!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  11. I have just come across your blog and have spent a happy hour looking through the posts and pics. Sorry I didn't know about the Durham fair, I would have liked to have been there.

  12. That looks like a fab fair... I wish I wasn't so far away! Do you ever get to Newark? Lizzie