Thursday, 10 March 2011

Rustic hangers....

Old hangers are great for displaying vintage hand towels in the kitchen or the bathroom.....

Also good for displaying lavender hearts of course.

Sometimes you find hangers that were probably taken by "mistake" from hotels....

 This one from the Imperial Hotel........Room and bath from 5/- sounds a bargain for Russell Square, London.

French hangers for vestments with labels....

I think my favourite for "rusticness" has to be this one...

I love that simple iron loop and brass number plate.

Some handwoven, Hungarian linen towels would compliment it nicely don't you think?

Oh and finally, I have to sneak a picture in of my latest addition ....a gorgeous vintage toile and Vichy check cushion from the lovely Jo at Hesta and the Pugs.....thank you so much Jo!

The toile collection is growing at Chez Cloth Shed.....

Enjoy your weekend everyone,
Julie x


  1. Lovely old hangers Julie and the Hungarian linen looks perfect with them. I've got an old wooden hanger that says 'White Star Line' across the top of it, it came from charity shop of all places. You can never have enough Toile!! Glad you like the cushion and thanks for the mention. Have a lovely weekend.
    Jo xx

  2. You have given me some nice display ideas....thanks

  3. I love old hangers they have so much charm :) Love your cushion, the colours are amazing! i love red :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Lovely post Julie, a bit of education along with the eye candy, can't be bad! Love Linda x

  5. Those old hangers are great, aren't they? As you say, really set off what's on them. They look lovely with the Hungarian linen on them. Pretty cushion :0 Have a good weekend! Abby x

  6. I have an old wooden hanger which I took with me to 'school camp' in 1964!!

  7. Old wooden hangers have the same sort of rustic charm that old, worn clothespegs have. Such utilitarian objects, but so wantable...

  8. I have a picture of a monogramed tea towel on a wooden coat hanger pictured on my blog under "Lovely finds", and from.... The Cloth Shed!
    Abby x

  9. Hi Julie will see you at the end of the month we have finally got back into normal life, though still need two more skips for Dads garage and shed! We are off to Alnwick tomorrow for a Tesco voucher weekend at the White Swan. The weather looks interesting with wind, hail, rain and possibly even snow! We will be looking for antique and charity shops to keep warm in!!Looks like we missed a busy day at Durham.

  10. Yes, I love old wooden hangers too particularly those that have disappeared from their particular hotel! I've never seen a hanger like the one with the brass plate and iron hoop, very appealing particularly displaying that lovely Hungarian linen. Lovely cushion too.
    Ruth x

  11. Thanks for the comments Julie, well done you too for giving me the idea to use the linens. Happy weekend! Linda x

  12. Great uses for old hangers Julie.
    Can I pick your brains? I am looking for a supply of lavender for sachets to place among linens and clothes. I can buy on line from Provence but the price is rather high and it would be good to source closer to home.

  13. Hi julie, Really lovely and certainly inspirational displays.
    Thanks, Pam x

  14. oh gosh what I wouldnt give to have you a bit closer to me...I love your style xxx
    Lynn xx