Monday, 14 March 2011

Quick painting project....

Take some modern gold frames....

Paint with off white emulsion paint.....

They will need two or three coats of paint to even out the brush strokes...... then a bit of sandpaper distressing and a coat of clear wax polish.

Et voila...

Pictures made from Kate Forman / French linen fabrics.....pretty enough to grace any boudoir!

Transformed mirror and my bargain bunches of flowers from Tesco ....reduced to 75p a bunch.
Extavagantly, I splashed out on two bunches for maximum impact in my big white jug.....

Hexham Vintage and Retro Fair tomorrow....think it will be a pink theme with a bit of red and white to pack....must dash....
See you soon.
Julie x


  1. Such a wonderful transformation. The fabrics are gorgeous too and they look lovely all grouped together.
    Ruth x

  2. It all looks lovely.

  3. Love those framed fabrics - brilliant idea!

  4. The frames look so much better, well done! Love the fabric :) Good luck for tomorrow.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Loving what you have done with your frames. I am surprised at how very reasonably priced your beautiful flowers are.
    Pam x

  6. Beautiful pictures, the fabric is so pretty. Your stall is going to look lovely as always, I hope you have a good day tomorrow, Abby x

  7. I maybe tempted to paint my frame after seeing how simple it is to transform something that we no longer like into something that we love....shabby chic....they look great . ciao Alison

  8. so pretty, I love them!

    I am off to Paris next month, any suggestions of what markets to visit and where they are located.

  9. Did you say . . . big jug?
    You know they are my one weakness,
    Love Helen xx

  10. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow - I've saved up my pocket money!!

  11. Good luck tomorrow, Julie! Love the frames and the mirror - a huge improvement - you should charge more; they seem cheap to me! Abby x

  12. Thanks for dropping by Julie and for the recommendation, sadly we won't have time this trip, but something to look forward to for next time. Have a busy day tomorrow, goodnight, Linda x

  13. beautiful, as always I love your displays.
    Good luck at the fair, not that you need it!
    T x

  14. That was like getting an itch scratched!
    Sooo beautiful. Love the old fabrics!!!

  15. Lovely fabrics, as you know I am a fan of Kate Forman, I agree with Abby you should charge more!! Hope you did well at the fair?
    Jo xx