Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring flowers....

Mini daffodils potted up in an old soup tureen.......

In a white pudding basin......

In a small gilded tureen.......

Blue hyacinths in a dinky zinc bucket......

Why do they always start to keel over as soon as they come into the house?
I often end up cutting them off and putting them in a jug as flowers.

The little cradle from a previous post.... now resplendent with cheap and cheerful primulas........

Finally a vase of small headed tulips .....so delicate.

Its the 1st of March today........
can we safely say......
that Spring is on its way.......?

Julie x


  1. I love your pics! What beautiful planters!

  2. Spring equinox on 21st March...I'm not hedging my bets yet!! But definitely on it's way.... Beautiful flowers, I planted up a chamber pot the other day, looks lovely on my window sill, x

  3. Ooh, don't jinx it! Lots of lovely flowers. My hyacinths have a habit of tumbling over too, they look so lovely in their little tea cups but I might follow your lead and jug them up instead x

  4. Lovely flowers, always makes you feel like Spring is on the way. I love the planters you have used.
    Jo xx

  5. How lovely! I think tulips are my favourite flowers ... in springtime.

  6. Oooh, your home must look - and smell - lovely with all those bulbs! Love the containers! I usually prop my hyacinths up with chopsticks! - not very elegant, I try and put them behind! Abby x

  7. Beautiful - don't know why they flop my mini daffs have too.

  8. Beautiful flowers.
    Spring must be on its way!
    Susan x

  9. Do you say "white rabbit, white rabbit"
    Or is that just crazy old me? See you Sunday,
    Love Helen x

  10. I say "white rabbit" three times.... (maybe that makes me a bit more crazy than Helen?!).
    Lovely pictures as always, hope you had a good day on Sunday
    Abby x

  11. Pudding bowls and zinc buskets are just right for sweet smelling plants...Lucey xx

  12. We have a very heavy frost this morning (Wednesday)! I love all your unusual planters - I need to go through my cupboards to see what I could use!

  13. All my hyacinths have died before they have flowered this year, such a shame. Think I have the house too warm!! So lovely to see these Spring flowers.
    Ruth x

  14. Love your display of planters..lovely Spring post!
    Those blinking hyacinths are top heavy aren't they,but they do smell heavenly. :0)

  15. hi julie
    Just love the planters you have used..I have changed some of my decor for a more rustic white prim look so love the last pic with the table and tulips..♥

  16. Isn't it 'pinch, punch, white rabbit'? This could be a regional thing :) The planters look so beautiful but I think my favourite pic is the one of the elegant looking tulips - they are such a proud little flower - they make me feel sad when they droop. x x x