Monday, 28 March 2011

Little bits....

Sweetest little baby clogs...... black leather lace ups with "horseshoes" underneath......

Totally titchy.....only 5ins long....and so cute!

Little glass poison bottles in pretty colours....

And wonky shaped glass inkwells in varying shades of pale green.

Vintage glass jam jars with old labels....ideal for cheery daffodils.

These new items will be making the journey to my next Fair at Rheged Discovery Centre  Penrith this Sunday 3rd April 2011, along with other new Spring inspired stock.

Bye for now....

Julie x


  1. Those clogs are lovely, and the jars are perfect vases! I love simplicity x

  2. What sweet little clogs...I bet you would of heard him/her coming from a mile away!!! Love the jam jars and bottles I have some little ink wells just like those...i love their wonkyness!!
    Sophie x

  3. The litlle clogs are lovely!

  4. The clogs are so sweet and the jars look so pretty with the flowers displayed in them... great idea.
    Enjoy your week, Abby x

  5. Such cute clogs! Love the wonky ink bottles. Good luck for Sunday! Abby x

  6. There must be something in the air, every blog I read has got clogs, flowery ones, spotty ones and old ones. Very sweet. I like the little inkwells too. Love Linda x.

  7. Absolutely love the jam jars filled with daffs and the baby cloggs are cute, Lucey

  8. Wow - I've never seen the underside of clogs before - that's a revelation to see horseshoes there. Pity I am so far away from Penrith!

  9. How much are you selling the jam jars for?