Thursday, 17 March 2011

Linen Cupboard.....

Can you imagine having a linen cupboard big enough to hold all your bedlinen, quilts, eiderdowns, pillowcases, tablecloths, napkins etc AND have shelves deep enough to take these gorgeous shelf edge embroideries....( 13ins deep x 56ins wide! )

The Crown,
The Glory,
The Blessing,
The Beauty of the house is.......

Contentment and Order.....

 As much as I try these days, the idea of this last one is a constant battle....too much "stuff" needing sewing, painting, washing and ironing....I think it breeds overnight!

This fabulous natural linen bedspread, beautifully embroidered with flowers and swallows would not look amiss folded on a shelf in this Country House Linen Cupboard with shelf edging....

Satin stitch and cutwork flowers....

Even the reverse is beautifully done.....

A sign of great workmanship from someone with infinite patience and plenty of time.

So, to do these lovely things justice, I am going to have to get to work and iron these beauties in readiness for the Antique and Collectors Fair at Kendal Leisure Centre, Cumbria this coming Sunday.....

Along with the sewing, painting and washing of other "stuff" that needs to go too.

Have a productive weekend,
Julie x


  1. I dream of a linen cupboard like you describe - maybe I need to get out more!

    I wonder how long that amazing bedspread took to create?? How did people have that kind of time and discipline? Wow, hope it finds a happy home. xx

  2. It would be wonderful to have a huge country house linen cupboard...I would also love the house keeper that went with it!! The linen bedspread is absolutely stunning, someone will snap that up. Hope you do well on Sunday.
    Jo xx

  3. Your home is both beautiful and always in order!
    The bedspread is wonderful and clearly so much time and work has gone into making it... I would be tempted to keep it (maybe that is why my house is not in order.. too much stuff!!) Abby x

  4. Such a pretty bedspread...I love it!
    Have a great day at the fair,
    Susan x

  5. A linen cupboard like that would be amazing! I love the fabric :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. What rare and beautiful pieces!!!
    And yes to that wardrobe!!!

  7. in our house a linen cupboard that large would be called the sitting room!

  8. Beautiful bedspread - so much careful work! I've been sewing this morning - and getting in a flap -nothing would go right! Given up now - the sewing machine's beaten me! Those linen cupboard shelf embroideries are amazing - fancy living that lifestyle! Good luck on Sunday. How did the frames go? Abby x

  9. We lived in a Victorian house in the 90s - I had a lovely big linen cupboard ..... the shelf edging would have been perfect fo it!

  10. Mmmm, aaah, that natural linen much work.. and what a beauty!

    Yes, the linen cupboard you describe are in my dreams (literally 'in my dreams', as we desperately lack built in storage or storage full stop! :-), but when I grow up and have the French château to go with my dream French linen... well, then it will all come together... :-)

    It sounds like you are keeping busy - good luck with all your fairs!

    Love, Helena

  11. Do you think they are bluebirds? Like "over the white cliffs of Dover?"
    Love Helen xx

  12. Hi Julie the bedspread is breathtaking I hope too that it goes to good home. We will see you next Sunday as we have got back into our routine now, the second to last skip of Dad's collections of 'good stuff' is being filled today by my sons! Just risked the dishwasher on some lovely pieces of china I got at the auction today along with a push along horse - whoops that didn't go in the dishwasher!! Really looking forward to having a stall again and meeting lovely people. We had a fab weekend in Alnwick, lovely people and great weather.

  13. Hi Julie, hope you are having a great day in Kendal. What gorgeous gorgeous linen I love it! love Linda x